Elise Calais

Élise Calais is Green Bonds Project Leader at Agence France Trésor. Agence France Trésor (AFT) is the department, tasked with handling public debt and treasury management, reporting to the Director General of the French Treasury.

A French high civil servant specialized in the fields of environment and economy/finance, Ms Élise Calais has experiences as project leader in highly technical environments implying multiple stakeholders’ negotiations, juridical and budgetary constraints, and institutional and political frameworks. She began her career at the French Ministry for the environment, as deputy head of the Electricity markets unit, at the Directorate general for energy and climate (2010-2012). She joined the Ministry for the economy and finance in 2012, where she held different positions. At the Treasury, she was deputy head of the Financial crimes and sanctions unit (2012-2014), then Manager at the Interministerial committee for industrial restructuring (2014-2016). She was Deputy chief of staff of the Minister of State in charge of commerce, crafts, consumption and social economy (2016-2017). She joined Agence France Trésor, the French debt management office, in 2017. She loves spending quality time with family and friends; she’s a dancer and she plays the piano.

She is a former student at Ecole nationale d'administration (ENA, 2010), she has a master’s degree in economics and political science of Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po, 2006) and a master’s degree in engineering and management of Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint-Etienne (ENSMSE, 2004).