Significant time and activities were dedicated at the Sustainable Investment Forum to ensure attendees met meet with key industry influencers. Here is how:

1) Download the Forum’s app
The official Sustainable Investment Forum application gave attendees preview and the ability to contact the entire list of registered attendees, a unique opportunity to prepare for the onsite networking. By knowing who is going was attending and being able to message them directly and set up a meeting onsite, attendees were able to schedule multiple meetings, hassle-free, all in one day, under one roof!


Networking at SInv

2) Morning ice-breaker session
To ensure attendees got warmed up for a full day of networking, we started the Forum with a speedy business card exchange and introduction session!


3) Networking breaks
Breakout sessions to meet with other attendees, exhibitor stands to find out innovative technologies and new methodologies, Q&A sessions with the speakers and conversation with peers.

4) Pre-arranged meetings 
Top industry experts were available to have pre-arranged meetings with a selected number of attendees. 


5) Themed networking zones
Wrapping up an intensive day of learning and networking, attendees were able to join the themed discussion zones. With pre-agreed discussion topics, the zones were an opportunity to meet and network with peers vested in similar issues eager to exchange ideas and best practice. 


6) Drinks reception
A friendly social networking activity to end the day, strengthen the connections made so far and last chance to meet with peers, the drinks reception gave attendees the space to relax and find out more details and information from the presenters and attendees.

For more information and the full agenda please download the conference brochure by clicking below: